Rock School is back! Now who wants to be a rock star?

Rock School delivered by Ossia Music School

Ossia isn’t just any normal music school. It’s the alternative. It’s for the rockers, the ravers, the punks, the goths, the classically trained, the self taught but needs a little help, the “I want to play that one pop song over and over again”, the ones that want to tour the world.

We’re not your usual music school, we make rockstars!

There will be an end of week performance for friends and family on the Friday afternoon.

Supported by a Rural Engagement Arts Programme grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


Enjoy code: 126661
Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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05/08 2024 10:00am
Portico Arts & Heritage Centre Steel Dickson Avenue PORTAFERRY
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