Robert Temple: The Hypnotist - Red Raw!


The Hypnotist: Red Raw is a brand new show where volunteers from the audience unlock their imaginations and create a once-in-a-lifetime show of improvised comedy under the influence of hypnosis - live on stage.

Things will be imagined, people’s identities forgotten, changed and their reality completely altered. All in the spirit of a ruddy good laugh.

It’s the perfect night out whether you watch from the audience or you choose to participate as a star of the show, this is a night out not to be missed.

No actors are used, members of the audience are asked to volunteer if they would like to participate at the start of every performance.


Enjoy code: 945378
Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult
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16/03 2024 7:00pm
Docks Beers The Church King Edward Street GRIMSBY
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