Rituals: Wip (Weaving In Progress), Jenny Steele & Gorton Weavers


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Target groups
Adult, Elderly, Youth


RITUALS: WIP (Weaving in Progress) is an open studio exhibition of two large scale woven sculptures by visual artist Jenny Steele, including weaving by local Gorton weavers.

Combining local flora, such as leaves and grasses from Gorton parks and Fallowfield Loop with bright, colourful locally sourced ex industrial yarns saved from landfill, Jenny has created a celebratory, festive sculpture upon a 200 year old Lancashire cart. The work references the historic local ritual of the rush cart ceremony, which travelled throughout the streets of Gorton and other Lancashire and Yorkshire towns, uniting the community with nature and its seasons.

Over one month, Jenny taught back strap weaving skills and passementerie techniques to female former members of Gorton Visual Arts group. Weaving and tassels in plants and yarn made by the new Gorton weavers are included in the large woven sculpture upon a 200-year-old Lancashire cart.

Part of Jenny’s current research, engagement and production project, Rituals for Tomorrow, she has explored sustainable ways to use weaving that supports our wellbeing, connection to nature and sense of belonging.