A Scottish schizophrenia love story road movie. Discharged from a psychiatric hospital, Jacob attempts to resume life in Edinburgh, control his condition and be a worthy member of society. He collects litter from streets and parks. He boxes. He takes medication. He writes everything down. His Dad barely wants to know him. Frustrated by this existence and encouraged by his psychiatrist, Jacob sets off to the Highlands in search of fulfilment. By the sea he finds the charismatic Eva, who claims to be the secret daughter of Ingmar Bergman. And she's on a mission... Starring Tim Barrow, Elspeth Turner and David Whitney, and shot in stunning Scottish landscapes and cityscapes, Riptide tells a contemporary tale of schizophrenia, hope and connection. The film is scored by a stunning soundtrack from Scots music-makers Fiona Rutherford, Mairi Campbell, Philip Pinsky and Toby Mottershead. The latest feature from Lyre Productions, Riptide has toured festivals and cinemas worldwide. Writer / Director Tim Barrow presents the film and hosts a post-showing Q&A. “A beautiful film to watch, full of love, energy and insight from start to finish.” SFT Magazine “You can't take your eyes away from the film, and you just need to know how things will play out. Five stars all the way” The Edinburgh Reporter WARNING: References to and depictions of mental ill health


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17/10 2024 7:00pm
Adam Smith Theatre Bennochy Road KIRKCALDY
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