Ready... Steady... GO! On a Journey of MOD & 60's Classics


The 60's was decade that gave us..Twiggy, The Mini (both the car & the skirt) The Twist, The Beatles, Carnaby Street, and also gave birth to a genre of music and bands, in what would become known as......... "The British Invasion"!! not forgetting the... Classy Italian Scooters & Sharp Dressed Mods! "The British Invasion" ruled the airwaves... and gave birth to iconic bands back in the day and has influenced bands and musicians alike for decades... The Mods were the style kings of the day... and still continue to influence... even to this day!! Live Glasgow Band & Ferry favourites, Mod Life Crisis, will be performing classic hits from the "Mod" and "The British Invasion" era's and from artistes and bands that have been influenced by that defining time in musical history. Their eclectic mix begins back in the 60's with songs from likes of The Small Faces, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Booker T & the Mg's & The Kinks, to name but a few....and builds up as the evening progresses, incorporating other bands and current artistes into their set, who's music reverberates from that iconic period in time. Ready Steady GO!......... Our resident DJ will also be playing classic original vinyl from the iconic TV show of the 60's with the genre's of Motown, Stax, 60's RnB, with a peppering of Northern Soul....before the band starts..during the break..and after their sets. Great Visuals...Great Songs.... Get Suited and Booted and we will see you out on the floor!


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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31/08 2024 8:30pm
The Ferry 25 Anderston Quay GLASGOW
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