Ray Cooper is an acoustic singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Sweden. For many years Ray played with Oysterband but, despite their success, Cooper took the decision to leave the band and go solo in 2013. He has since carved out a successful solo career, recording five solo albums and has toured extensively in Britain, Northern Europe and Canada.

He accompanies his songs with cello, mandolin, guitar and piano, and each song comes with a story. Ray has a lot of stories: I get my ideas from memories, dreams, history books, biographies, online news outlets, conversations I remember or imagine, I have no method, Ray claims, I look back on history with the hope to learn something about the present; to catch the repeating patterns.

Ray Cooper is a fine, multi-talented musician who blends an interesting array of musical styles and genres to create a traditional sound with modern twists. Drawing on both Scandinavian and Scottish tradition, Ray often plays traditional folk songs overlaid with his own lyrics, bringing new life to these fading melodies and exposing them to the modern world. His easy rapport with an audience helps to break down boundaries and creates an intimate atmosphere that is a joy to be within.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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11/10 2024 7:00pm
The Vestry Hall Vestry Hall Stone Street CRANBROOK
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