Originally co-produced by Alphabetti

Raven Varmint has a wild heart. It allows her to roar, explore, cry, get twigs stuck in her hair…but it also makes her complicated. And forbidden.

From the moment Raven was born, her family were forced to live as Shadows, never to be seen or heard again. She has never known why, but on the eve of her tenth birthday, strange feelings begin to bubble inside her, and she follows her wild heart away from the safety she has always known.

Join Raven on a journey of bravery and discovery as she begins to understand her feelings, learns how to regulate them, and breaks out of the shadows into the beauty and freedom of her wild-hearted self.

A beautiful and mischievous show for 5-11 year olds and their adults, filled with live music, puppetry, and a talking gargoyle. Wild hearts encouraged.


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29/10 2024 10:30am
Northern Stage Barras Bridge NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
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