Ravel and Prokofiev

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Dora Pejačević - Overture in D minor Ravel - Piano Concerto in G major, soloist Juanjo Blázquez Prokofiev - Symphony no. 5 Dora Pejačević’s Overture in D minor showcases her late Romantic style, with Impressionist harmonies and lush orchestral colours. Ravel’s Piano Concerto certainly fulfils his ideas of what a concerto should be – ‘light-hearted and brilliant, not aiming at profundity or dramatic effects’. With influences from jazz and blues, Spanish folk music, and featuring a sublime Adagio, this concerto is a delight. Prokofiev’s 5th symphony was written in the Soviet Union as World War II was raging. He wrote that it was intended as ‘a hymn to free and happy Man, to his strength, his generosity, and his pure and noble spirit’. Inspiring sentiments, indeed. Full of memorable melodies, with Prokofiev’s instantly recognisable orchestral sound and character, the symphony was very well received at its premiere in 1945, and has remained one of his most popular works. CCSO is conducted by Robert Hodge.


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