Radical Dance Faction


Radical Dance Faction as festival season takes hold, were very happy to host RDF in the Dublin. Chris Bowsher's anarcho punk inspired skanking machine combines punk with ska, plus a very welcome dose of dub reggae. Huge on tge circuit in the 90s, since reforming earlier this century the band has gone from strength to strength, and have performed at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Rebellion, Willow Man and Green Gathering festivals to great acclaim. This sure to be a supercharged dance frenzy on a hot Summer's night for you all to revel in.

The Screaming Dead Cheltenham might seem to be a sedate, gentile Cotswold Town ful of red faced old chaps who wear mustard cordsand it isbut think again. Not only did it produce Killing Joke but also these fine mavericks of punk. Avoiding the clichees and going for a rocknroll place somewhere between street punk, schlockabilly, goth and psych, the Screaming Dead know how to kick up a storm. Their classic take on Paint It Black has to be one of the al time best Stones covers too.

Wipes describing themselves as a noisy melodic 3 piece, these boys really do crank it up, employing a combo of MC5 shaped righteous rock and roll and Husker Du like over saturated ramalama. Ferocious but not afraid of a little Sugar, which may or may not be another Bob Mold reference.


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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21/07 2023 kl 19:30
Dublin Castle 94 Parkway LONDON
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