Rachel Galvo – The Shite Feminist


Comedian, actress, singer and writer, RACHEL GALVO invites you to join her raunchy one woman show, 'The Shite Feminist'.

Reflecting on the forces that have shaped her – from an Irish Catholic upbringing (Private, of course) to awkward sexual encounters – Rachel considers the choices that threw her South Dublin life drastically off-course. In the wake of the pandemic, Rachel ditched her business degree to pursue her creative dreams at a performing arts college in London. Written during her master’s year, The Shite Feminist is a form of radical self-love - a naughty, raucous, thought provoking and life affirming one woman show from one of Ireland’s most exciting new creative talents.


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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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27/09 2024 7:00pm
Leicester Square Theatre 6 Leicester Place LONDON
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