Pyt Presents... Channel Hopping


Progress Youth Theatre is proud to present two fantastic shows featuring all four of our Youth Theatre groups. Please take care where booking, each production is showcased on different days.

Channel Hopping - Wednesday 3rd July 7.45pm and Saturday 6th July at 2.30pm

Performed by Birdies and Parcans A group of teenagers attend a sleepover but like many can't decide on what to watch. As they argue over each channel we see a glimpse into each of the programmes they choose from a nature documentary to a soap opera to a game show and many more but will they agree on what to watch before the night ends. Birdies and Parcans will use improvisation to take the audience on a journey that we can all relate too. From fantasy to drama to reality to pure entertainment, so sit back and feel like you're sitting on your sofa at home trying not to lose the remote.


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03/07 2024 7:45pm
Progress Theatre The Mount READING
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