Pure Queen: The Ultimate Live Queen Experience

Tribute to the legendary rock band Queen.
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Pure Queen delivers an internationally acclaimed show that authentically recreates the explosive live performances of the legendary and timeless band Queen.

Pure Queen is selling out venues all over the UK performing songs spanning nearly four decades of some of the greatest rock anthems ever written. Pure Queen will captivate you with an exciting theatre production and exceptional performances of Queens most popular and fan-favourite hits.

Mark Sanders recreates the energy and charisma of Freddie Mercury with his impressive vocal delivery and extravagant performance. After performing as a solo artist for over ten years, Mark formed Pure Queen with other experienced professional musicians who have a similar love of Queen and their music. With impressive attention to detail, Richard Ashford brings that distinctive Brian May guitar sound, Jon Caulton reproduces those intricate John Deacon basslines and Tristan Snowdon-Poole replicates Roger Taylors unique style and thunderous drum sound.

Queen was one of the most iconic and influential bands in music history. Pure Queen recognises it is an honour to play their music and they do so with great respect, pride and passion. Join them for an evening of celebrating the musical legacy of Queen.


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