Prototype: A Political Comedy


If you are reading this, you have been granted access to the following confidential information: Are you tired of lobbying governments? Are you bored of dinners with bumbling, incompetent politicians that cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds? Are you fed up of pouring huge sums of money into political parties, bot campaigns or buying entire social media platforms? Well, have we got a solution for you!

Please accept our invitation to THE AMEXA LAB, where we will be showcasing an exclusive prototype.

Actor/Writer & Comedian Steph Darcey presents her political satire ‘Prototype’. Steph’s debut comedy show developed from her popular sketch ‘AMEXA: The Robot Politician’. ‘Prototype’ is ‘The Thick of It’ meets ‘Westworld’. An hour of narrative sketch that tells the story of AMEXA: The Robot Politician and her journey into British politics, featuring various other characters along the way. ‘Prototype’ takes aim at out of touch politicians, disinformation, the rise of artificial intelligence and the erosion of democracy. Audiences should expect a show full of clowning, satire, improvisation, multi-rolling and silliness. Special thanks to Applecart Arts for the residency awarded to Steph last year, giving her the time and space to develop this show.


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Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult
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18/08 2024 7:00pm
Museum of Comedy St Georges Church Bloomsbury Way LONDON
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