Print Pattern Archive Tour - Exclusive Access and Talk with Owner, Cheryl O'Meara


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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01/07 2024 3:00pm
The Monastery 89 Gorton Lane MANCHESTER
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The Print Pattern Archive is an exceptional private collection of over 50,000 antique fabric swatches and wallpaper books spanning from the mid-18th century to the 1980s

Visitors are mesmerised by the collection of handwoven, heritage, conversational, florals, geometrics, mid-century, bark cloths, scenic, heraldic, jacquards, damasks, foliage, novelty, ornate, chinoiserie, juvenile and baroque prints from all over the world

From Japanese silks to beautiful British florals, it’s a treasure trove of historical and global design inspiration

The archive owner, Cheryl O’Meara, is a designer and talented master of aesthetics

Join her for an exclusive exploration of her rare archive