Peter Pan & Wendy: Relaxed Performance

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Our relaxed performances are designed to welcome audiences who may otherwise feel excluded from live theatre.

We aim to create a less formal, more supportive environment, with audiences free to talk or move around as they need to and a ‘chill out’ space available for anyone who needs a break.

Lighting, sound and special effects are slightly altered in order to reduce anxiety levels, but the production will remain the same.

Our staff are trained to create a friendly setting and assist with any additional needs our audiences may have.

For any enquiries about our relaxed performances, please contact us.

Wendy is 13 and fed up of EVERYTHING.

All she wants is an adventure, so when she finds herself lost in a magical enchanted forest, and meets a magical boy called Peter and a beautiful fairy called Tinker Bell, she is so excited.

Together a real adventure begins, with pirates and the dastardly Captain Hook after them – but Wendy soon realises that what’s really important might be waiting back at home…

From the producers of Alice In Wonderland and Cinderella, come fly with us in Gala Durham’s twist inspired by J.M. Barrie’s classic tale.