Peter Pan & Wendy


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Kids, Youth
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23/07 2024 2:00pm
Gala Theatre Millenium Place DURHAM
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Wendy is 13 and fed up of EVERYTHING.

All she wants is an adventure, so when she finds herself lost in a magical enchanted forest, and meets a magical boy called Peter and a beautiful fairy called Tinker Bell, she is so excited.

Together a real adventure begins, with pirates and the dastardly Captain Hook after them – but Wendy soon realises that what’s really important might be waiting back at home…

From the producers of Alice In Wonderland and Cinderella, come fly with us in Gala Durham’s twist inspired by J.M. Barrie’s classic tale.

Accessible performances of Peter Pan & Wendy include a relaxed performance on Wednesday 17 July, 1.15pm and a BSL (British Sign Language) interpreted and captioned performance on Friday 26 July, 6.30pm.

Meena Al-Nawrasy, Lucas Bradley Benson, Lucy Davis, Jordan Larkin, Kieron Michael, Rosie Stancliffe

For classes of up to 30, we can also offer a bespoke workshop when booking for Peter Pan & Wendy for an extra £5 per pupil which we can tailor to whatever works for your pupils. Options available include:

If you’re interested, please contact our Education Team for further information and discuss how we can make our workshops work for you.