Party In Your Pants - Welcome to Pantopia

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We are ridiculously excited to announce our FIRST Manchester party!

Hand made with love, each and every time, Party In Your Pants is a place you can call home. Five hours of silly, arty, messy fun, banging tunes, friendly people - be topless or not, we don't care, only respect and pants are compulsory.

There will be pens. There will be paint. There will be holi powder, glitter, splatter and goop...Featuring our free all-night cloakroom multipass, so you can shed your clothes at your own pace, and all the warm, fuzzy feelings you you can eat.

Basschimp will be driving the dancefloor, so expect funky fat sounds and face melting bass, disco, Disney and most of all, the unexpected.

This is an event for the enlightened. If you can't understand the concept of desexualised nudity, this is not the place for you. WE ARE NOT A SEX PARTY. (We can't help it if we're sexy, though - liberated humans just are!) For every feminist, whatever your gender, come and experience your equality and your liberty the Doodlecats way. Wheelchair accessible, free PA passes, and Spoons Tickets - our answer to the needs of those with chronic conditions who find prediciting their fitness to party a challenge.

This is a new venue for us so please get in touch via Facebook or email with specific access enquiries. LGBTQI+ friendly. Mermaids and other mythical beings welcome.


Enjoy code: 609980
Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly
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