Find out who really runs the country in 'Party Games!', a very funny political comedy written by Westminster insider, Michael McManus. 'Party Games!' puts political leadership on the ledge and goes inside the chaos of government to see whether advisers do advise and if ministers can decide.

Featuring a sensational cast: Matthew Cottle ('The Windsors'; 'Game On'; and 'Citizen Khan'); Debra Stephenson ('Bad Girls'; 'The Impressions Show', and 'Dead Ringers'); Ryan Early ('Coronation Street'; 'The Archers'); Krissi Bohn ('Coronation Street'); Jason Callender ('Upstart Crow' and 'The Play That Goes Wrong', West End); Natalie Dunne (Anna Schmidt in 'The Third Man', Menier Chocolate Factory) and William Oxborrow ('The Madness of George III', National Theatre). Party Games! is directed by Joanna Read.

Set in the UK in 2026. John Waggner, newly elected leader of the hastily formed centrist One Nation Party presides over a hung parliament, a discontented electorate and striking cheesemakers. He and his power-hungry MPs must cling onto authority through whatever shaky means possible. Can one man, a Svengali spin doctor and some dodgy data unite the country? And what role can his wife, the King and a large spider play in keeping the lights on?


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14/06 2024 7:30pm
Connaught Theatre Union Place WORTHING
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