Parov Stelar Band

Austrian electro, swing and jazz outfit.
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Austrian musician Parov Stelar has taken over the global music scene like a phantom in recent years. Through his music the modest but exceptional talent has not only gained an enormous fan base, but has also achieved cult status as a producer.

His retro-influenced music is borne out of an aura of elegance, wickedness and pure energy, inspired by styles and samples from the most varying of genres (soul, pop, jazz and swing). Combined with modern beats and grooves, he creates an incomparable and peerless sound.

For his live shows Parov Stelar takes to the stage with a host of musical magicians. The performances of the Parov Stelar band are one of the most impressive live conversions of electronic music currently to be seen anywhere in the world. Brass and rhythm sections, along with singer Cleo Panther, reinvent Parov Stelar's electro beats, emotionally charging the public in a way never thought possible.

At the centre of the show is the creator himself, guiding the musical tour de force from the DJ booth. Despite 100s of live shows and excessive touring, the band still continues to push its own creativity and break the boundaries of musical performance. Each show is uniquely different from the previous, inviting the listener to explore new aspects and emotions within Parov Stelar's music.


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