Pack of Lies


Pack of Lies is based on a true story. An apparently ordinary Canadian couple, Peter and Helen Kroger, living in the suburbs of London, are exposed by MI5 as Russian spies. The plot centres on the Jackson family, Bob and Barbara, and their teenage daughter Julie, who live in a house directly opposite the Krogers. The couples have become great friends since the Krogers arrived but then out of the blue the Jacksons are visited by MI5 who use their home for the surveillance of the Krogers' house. Gradually the full extent of the betrayal by the Krogers is revealed but the presence of MI5 and the realisation of the Krogers' true purposes place great strain upon the Jacksons, whose lives are never the same again.

This amateur production of “Pack of Lies” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.


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10/09 2024 7:45pm
Chads Theatre Mellor Road CHEADLE
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