Over 60's Contemporary with Natalie Dodd


Develop your understanding of weight placement, alignment and Contemporary dance technique

Our expert teacher Natalie Dodd will guide you through the basics of core contemporary dance vocabularies and techniques which includes Cunningham and release. Cunningham technique emphasises the movement of the spine through curves, tilts, twists, and arches. Incorporation of Release technique encourages flowing movements that focus on breath.

Natalie will lead you in building strength, technique, coordination and articulation, adjusting movement exercises where appropriate for different skill levels.

Accompanied by the live music of Bobby Demers, you will have the opportunity to explore your own styles and approach to movement through a choreographed phrase that will be taught in class


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Target groups
Elderly, Kids, Youth, Adult
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04/07 2024 10:30am
The Place 17 Duke's Road LONDON
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