Outside Track

Folk band combining British and Canadian culture, delivering traditional music with a modern twist.


The Outside Track’s marriage of Celtic music, song and dance has been rapturously received around the world. Hailing from Scotland, Ireland and Cape Breton, its five members are united by a love of traditional music and a commitment to creating new music built on this foundation. Their blend of boundless energy and unmistakable joie de vivre has won them a large following around the globe and they released their fifth studio album in January 2022. The Outside Track have been described by Folk Radio as a band with a 'unique, multicultural perspective' and whose 'skill as musicians, composers, performers and arrangers weaves wonderful music that entertains, fascinates and rewards'.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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09/09 2022 8:00pm
Tolbooth Jail Wynd STIRLING
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