Ouseburn Dawn Chorus Disco


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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15/04 2023 5:15am
The Cycle Hub Quayside NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
Provided by The List


Mixing nature’s dawn orchestra with silent disco tech in celebration of the Dawn Chorus.

The Dawn Chorus is one of spring’s most stunning acoustic spectacles, each bird becomes a musician contributing to an incredible orchestral masterpiece. Dawn Chorus Disco is a fresh experience to become immersed in the heart of the Ouseburn orchestra, and to intimately discover each of the musicians taking part.

Using a single parabolic dish, your Wild Intrigue Guide will take you on an acoustic safari, bringing the incredible intricacies of each songster straight to your ears through wireless headphones.

A dawn chorus disco, if you like…

The real magic of this Wild Intrigue Mini Exped is that it is the first wildlife experience of it’s kind in the UK. By combining technology with the sounds of nature, each attendee can enjoy a shared group experience meeting the musicians. Parabolic dishes bring bird calls 10 x closer to your ears, and cancel out background noise for an immersive, clear acoustic experience in central Newcastle.

With your Wild Intrigue Guide curating the entire acoustic safari, you will be introduced to the birds making each call, discovering the names and intriguing behaviours of each musician in Ouseburn’s urban dawn chorus.

Please note the venue listed is the meeting point only, the safari will be through the Ouseburn valley.