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31/05 2024 9:15pm
Spillers Car Park Quayside NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
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Join Wild Intrigue on an urban wildlife safari to discover the intriguing night-life of Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s lush Ouseburn Valley.

Setting off at sunset with bat detectors in hand, Wild Intrigue will guide you on a journey to track bats down as they emerge from their roosts for ‘breakfast’. Bat detectors bring a whole new level to spying on these elusive mammals, allowing you to eavesdrop on their ultrasound clicks, slaps and pops as they hunt and communicate with each other.

These amazing mammals have cruised our skies for tens of millions of years – way before the first humans took their first steps. So join us to find out all about the bizarre anatomy and curious ecology of some of our longest-evolved mammals, right here in the city.

Profits from our 2024 Ouseburn Bat Safaris will be put into our new community rewilding project, Wild Ouseburn.