Opposites in Common


Tired and uninspired is the last thing you want to be as a writer.

Yet Toni couldn’t be more so if she tried.

No money, no ideas and worst of all, she’s out of vodka, cake and fags.

When her publisher (affectionately known by her as ‘The Git’) sends her a surprise, it ends up being, not her preferred bottle or a royalties cheque, but Deepak. An accountant with an obsession about her and her writing; worse, a desire to be a writer - just like his reluctant heroine. Although they couldn't be more different if they tried, this unlikely pairing soon come to discover that their differences are the thing which will ultimately bind them. Bound in a relationship which navigates laughter, tears and a passion for writing.

Despite all the odds, they end up united in the pursuit of the simple things we all hope for: to have a dream and to find a soulmate.

And in the process, discovering that opposites in reality, can have so much in common.


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14/08 2024 7:30pm
Studio 9 314 Market Street HYDE
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