Opera - Russian Triple Bill


Based on Russian classic plays by Pushkin and Chekhov, this production examines pieces by two members of the Russian group of composers known as the Five, who were active towards the end of the nineteenth century and one contemporary Russian-born British composer, Elena Langer.

The intrigue of the relationship between Mozart and Salieri: was Mozart poisoned or was it death of natural causes; a banquet of mortals who call on the Plague to threaten their very existence; and a new take on Chekhov’s Three Sisters transported to Manhattan. The three daughters of a fabulously wealthy and recently deceased industrialist wait in his New York apartment for the family lawyer to read his will. They dream of the lives his money will now make possible. But where is the will? And what bizarre terms and conditions might the eccentric old man have attached to his inheritance? And who is the mysterious Russian princess who is said to have featured in one of his tempestuous affairs?


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Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult