Ooze Machines: Libby Heaney


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Target groups
Youth, Adult, Elderly


A solo exhibition by award-winning visual artist and quantum physicist, Dr Libby Heaney.

Ooze Machines features an immersive multi-channel video, new glass and 2D works and a playable experience. Both seductive and repulsive, slime is a recurring motif throughout the show. Heaney sees the microscopic quantum world as slime-like and fluid, rather than precise and point-like as we might imagine. Arising from this is the innate sliminess of our bodies, other life forms and machines. Playfully, Heaney also contends with the so-called slimy nature of big tech.

Through a layered aesthetic, Ooze Machines offers a first glimpse into the non-binary, entangled futures that quantum technologies will bring. Quantum devices, like quantum computers, function entirely differently than current binary technologies and when fully developed will enable us to see intricate connections and entanglements between matter, energy, space and time.