Oas-is The UK's BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC Oasis tribute band! The ONLY tribute to tour with a full video show, using some of the same equipment and visuals/footage that Oasis used on their tours. Oas-is have toured all over the UK and Europe, and performed live on prime time TV, playing some of the most famous venues and theatres in the country. Oas-is have worked with the likes of Alan McGee and Oasis tour DJ Phil Smith; having shared a stage with both many times. ‘You guys are good’ – Tony McCarroll, former Oasis drummer. ‘Really enjoyed it’ – Alan McGee What's the story? Some might say Oas-is are definitely, NOT Maybe the best tribute out there! Oas-is - The BEST Oasis Tribute Band Official Promo Video - YouTube


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Target groups
Elderly, Adult, Youth
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15/04 2023 7:30pm
The Eric Morecambe Centre Rothamsted Park HARPENDEN
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