Nyxxx: Sunil Sharpe, Imogen, Riva, Niamh


We're back at FOLD for our second NYXXX party and the first event of 2023. This time, we invite Sunil Sharpe to make his well-due FOLD debut alongside IMOGEN, Riva and Niamh on support. ~ SUNIL SHARPE We're so excited to have Ireland's patron saint of vinyl play at FOLD for the first time. Watching Sunil mix is a sight to behold, flying through old-skool sounds up to more contemporary techno, industrial, hardgroove, electro and everything in between. ~ IMOGEN One of the most notable names to break through in recent years, IMOGEN joins us after her recent UNFOLD set on New Year's Day. ~ RIVA We've had our eye and ear on Riva for quite a while now, following her fun tune 'The power to take you on the floor' on Big Dyke Energy and a slew of multi-genre guest mixes on HÖR Radio. ~ NIAMH NYXXX founder Niamh completes the bill. Expect cosmic techno and gnarly breaks from the Irish music journalist and DJ. @nyx_x_x_ Photo by Dasha Yukhymyuk on Unsplash ---NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO HOMOPHOBIA, NO TRANSPHOBIA. ~ The club operates a 21+ policy and ID check at the door. Please make sure to bring your PHYSICAL ID for a smooth entry. ~ FOLD operates a STRICT NO PHOTOS / NO VIDEOS policy to protect the privacy of our customers and the Performance Rights of all artists involved. This is an 21+ event .


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Kids, Elderly, Adult, Youth
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24/02 2023 11:00pm
Gillian House Stephenson Sreet LONDON
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