Nubiyan Twist Ft. Aziza Jaye, Corto.alto

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The Nubiyan Twist fam are back for La Rumba with Aziza Jaye this June!

A blend of virtuosic players, skilled producers and inspired composers join forces to create a unique, infectious sound drawing on jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, dancehall, soul, reggae and dance music - expect ultra-tight musicianship and a powerful, big band sound.

2024 sees Nubiyan Twist embark on a fresh musical odyssey with the announcement of their vibrant fourth album 'Find Your Flame’. Over 12 tracks, the band seamlessly weave together global grooves, soul and jazz; expertly intertwined with electronic elements, horn-led melodies and spontaneous improvisation.

The heady, sun-drenched release is peppered with impressive collaborations, including the iconic Nile Rodgers who brings his trademark disco mastery to new single ‘Lights Out’. Alongside Nile Rodgers, Nubiyan Twist have enlisted artists from across the globe including Seun Kuti and Mamani Keita as well as homegrown UK talent corto.alto, Ria Moran, K.O.G. & NEONE the Wonderer. The album also marks a significant evolution for the group, welcoming Sheffield-based vocalist Aziza Jaye to the forefront.

Presented by La Rumba.

This is an 14+ event


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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