Not Far From The Forest - Dance Workshops


A 2 day Dance workshop 12 -5pm 12/8/24 & 10 -6 13/8/24

Have you ever wondered whether plants and trees have a message to share with us? Have you ever thought that we all belong to a breathing system which needs a space to continue breathing clean and fresh air?

The workshop Not Far from the Forest is a space to voice these questions and listen to the voice of the Forest within us through movement improvisation, choreography and creative writing exercises. When we will move and write, our breathing will play a crucial role in our exploration because, through our breath, we will discover how the Forest is always with us, through us.

Not Far from the Forest is inspired from the dance-theatre performance Listen to the Forest, created by Glasgow-based dancer and writer Valeria Levi. During the workshop Valeria will make the most of her practice which combines movement and writing, using movement and body where words cannot reach and playing with words to cast light upon moments when movement gets too abstract.

Valeria will be accompanied by multi-instrumentalist and composer Eloise Kretschmer who has already collaborated with Valeria in previous stages of development of Listen to the Forest.

No experience in dance, movement and writing is required. Our Forest is open to everybody!


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Kids, Youth, Adult, Elderly
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12/08 2024 12:00pm
Craignish Village Hall Ardfern LOCHGILPHEAD
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