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18/07 2024 10:00am
Clumber Park The Estate Office WORKSOP
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Nordic walking at Clumber Park takes place every Thursday morning between 10am and 12pm. Qualified instructors will take you to explore the acres of woodland tracks and lakeside footpaths on a 5-6 mile walk. These sessions are moderate to fast paced.

You venture off into the quieter parts of the 3,800 acre parkland and explore the less well known heathland and forest.

Unlike when walking, Nordic Walking Poles are planted behind you. Pushing down and back through the special straps propels you upwards and along. The technique means that you naturally engage the muscles of the upper body and arms thereby using 90% of your major muscles, and burning 30% more calories. The forward propulsion promotes an improved posture which can help with back and neck problems. Using the poles correctly means your weight is shared through your arms a well as your legs therefore taking the pressure away from your knees and joints.

This event will need to be booked through Sherwood Nordic Walking. £6.50 per participant.