Nirvana Tribute


On Saturday 4th May, we are very excited to announce that Nirvana Tribute will be hitting The Brickyard in Carlisle!

Nirvana Tribute is the world renowned number one international touring tribute that has toured more than a dozen countries including USA, Serbia, Croatia, UK, Holland & Turkey to mention a few! They have also featured in magazines, television and radio across the world!

Regarded as the closest possible tribute to Nirvana to ever hit the stage, Nirvana Tribute have captured both media and fan attention worldwide with their explosive, high energy live performances!

Voted the Number One Nirvana tribute band by numerous publications including the honour of being named one of the world best tribute bands by Loudwire magazine!

They have also gained the praise and respect of original Nirvana members, with Aaron Burckhard stating that Jon O'Connor and Nirvana Tribute is the closet to the real thing!


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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04/05 2024 8:00pm
The Brickyard 14 Fisher Street CARLISLE
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