New Writing Festival | A Chorus to Close


This year’s New Writing Festival features 6 distinctive evenings given over to a range of new theatre work across written forms. Running from 22-27 July. Prospective audiences are encouraged to join us for as much of the week as possible and to play an active part in both critical and creative encouragement. The week has been developed by David Erdos and forms the first part of PAGE; the playwrights appreciation group whose aim is to workshop and learn from the great theatrical voices and to develop a house style or sensibility within new writing at The Questors Theatre.

Saturday 27th July: A Chorus to Close, features two singular songwriters from both ends of experience, Julian Smith and Matt Saldanha showcasing their special songs and featuring a selection of poets to bookend the week with a verse.

Each evening starts at 7.30pm in the Studio and is priced at £5 on the door. Season tickets can organised for those wishing to attend all events and benefit from the full experience. ​More info about the full week at: [​​​]


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26/07 2024 7:30pm
The Questors Theatre 12 Mattock Lane LONDON
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