New Moon Monologues


"New Moon Monologues" combines stand-up, musical comedy, and fresh writing colliding in a celestial spectacle of laughter and creativity. Founded by Grace O’Keefe and Erin Holland, affectionately known as the Queens of Cups, winners of the Musical Comedy Awards 2024 Best Newcomers, this show began as a digital new writing night in 2020. Evolving with the lunar cycles, "New Moon Monologues" has blossomed into a vibrant platform for emerging artists.

Each instalment of "New Moon Monologues" is guided by the phases of the moon, setting the stage for a diverse array of talents to shine. Past performances have included the likes of Rosalie Minnit's poignant "Clementine," acclaimed Writer's Guild of Great Britain Award Winner Charlie Dinkin, and the captivating storytelling of Charlotte Anne Tilley.

As we approach July's New Moon, prepare to be enchanted by acts primed for the stages of Camden and Edinburgh Fringe. From uproarious stand-up routines to soul-stirring musical numbers, "New Moon Monologues" promises an evening of entertainment that's as fresh as the lunar cycle itself. Join us under the new moon's glow for an unforgettable showcase of emerging talent and boundless creativity.


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Target groups
Elderly, Adult, Youth
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06/07 2024 8:30pm
Museum of Comedy St Georges Church Bloomsbury Way LONDON
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