Nadine Shah Presents To Be a Young Man

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Strangers meet at the funeral of a friend. But is it their friend who is the real stranger? Nadine Shah is an important voice in contemporary music and a proud exponent of the North East – and her debut album Love Your Dum and Mad turns ten this year. To mark this cultural moment, Shah has been working with writer Jackie Thompson to develop a play which takes that remarkable album and gives it a whole new theatrical life. The result is a play both haunting and hilarious – a story of grief, mental health, the complexities of friendship and the power of creativity. Digging extensively into a defining personal and creative relationship in Shah’s life, this play for four actors, directed by Jack McNamara, is saturated with sounds from that mesmerising first album. Produced by Live Theatre Newcastle in association with Brighton Festival. The play is followed by a short live gig.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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