Mustafa Said


Encounter the rich musical traditions of Egypt and the Levant with Mustafa Said. Mustafa Said is an award-winning Egyptian singer, musicologist and composer.

He is renowned for his playing on the oud, a Middle Eastern stringed instrument with similarities to the lute. He performs internationally both as a soloist and in the Asil Ensemble (which he founded), has composed music for theatre, film and the concert hall, and is in great demand as a lecturer on Arabic music. In 2019 he became the inaugural winner of the prestigious Aga Khan Music Award for performance.

For Said, music is both an educational and a spiritual pursuit that requires deep listening. In a concert that is visually enhanced by documentary excerpts, expect an enlightening exploration of the rich musical traditions of Egypt and the Levant.

Supported by SIR EWAN AND LADY BROWN together with FLURE GROSSART.

This concert was curated in partnership with the AGA KHAN MUSIC PROGRAMME.


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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19/08 2024 8:00pm
The Hub Castlehill Royal Mile EDINBURGH
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