Murder Mystery The Isle of Love Evening Peterborough


The Isle of Love Enter the captivating world of "The Isle of Love" as Cassandra Monroe, the show's first winner, strives to revive her career. However, mysterious forces conspire against her success. Uncover the hidden motives and secrets that threaten to sabotage Cassandra's journey in this thrilling mystery evening. Will she conquer the obstacles or be consumed by the shadows of her past?

DRESS CODE: Dress Code: We recommend selecting attire that befits an occasion of dining and mixing with celebrities. But it is not compulsory.

ITINERARY: The story commences at 7.00pm 3 Course Meal Included The event will end between 10:00 and 10:30pm Bar

PLEASE NOTE:You may be seated on a table with other guests and actors.No actor will carry information or evidence on their person, in their clothing, bags or pockets.Loud talking or shouting during the event may spoil it for others and you may miss key clues.


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13/09 2024 7:30pm
Central Park Park Crescent PETERBOROUGH
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