Guide Bridge Theatre presents: A Murder Mystery

Guide Bridge Theatre invites you back, for the long-awaited return of a night of Murder, Mystery, and Intrigue!

Fancy yourself as a Sherlock, Marple or Poirot? Come and join us at GBT to play detective, as you watch the events unfold. Examine the evidence, scrutinise the clues (watch out for the red herrings!), interrogate the suspects and then work out whodunit! - Give the best answer and you'll win a prizeoh and we'll throw in a delicious buffet as well!

Del Fyniam is chair of his local gardening club, and a multiple winner of the annual prize for the biggest leeks. But not everything in the garden is rosy. Del has called an emergency committee meeting to discuss a few urgent matters, and possibly conduct a leek enquiry. But who will soon cause him to be pushing up the daisies?


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02/11 2024 7:45pm
Guide Bridge Theatre Audenshaw Road MANCHESTER
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