Murder in the Citizens Jury


Eight people in the first Citizens’ Jury to have been granted full legal powers are discussing the most important challenge in the history of humanity – how to save ourselves from the looming climate crisis.

Exciting new solutions are proposed, each with their own champions and detractors. What they decide will affect us all. But they all have their own issues to deal with, and one of them has a hidden agenda.

Who is the assassin and who are they there to kill?

This thought-provoking, entertaining and interactive new play also invites the audience to help the Director of Public Prosecutions with the moral dilemma of whether to prosecute the killer. If he does, it could spell the end of Citizens’ Juries which many believe are the magic bullet to help us make decisions that will avert climate change.

What will you decide?


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20/09 2024 7:30pm
Masker's Studio Theatre Unit 1 Emsworth Road SOUTHAMPTON
Provided by The List