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Intermission Youth presents MSND, once taken it is believed you inherit special powers, including the ability to speak Shakespeare! The temptation of the drug lures groups to the playground, where different worlds collide...

Age recommendation: 11+ or at the discretion of the parent/guardian.

Notice: Imitation of recreational drug taking will be shown during this performance, however, Intermission Youth does not condone drug use. If you are affected by any of the issues explored in this production, please get help through NHS (

Sir Mark Rylance “_MSND will be a unique theatrical event, kicking with the life of Shakespeare’s original divine comedy and the infectious wit and warmth and honesty of the African Diaspora. You will not be disappointed. In my experience, these productions are always a revelation, a revelation about Shakespeare and a revelation about the young people of London. Don't miss it._”


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