Motley Crude - Live At Cart & Horses - Stratford, London.

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Mtley Crde - The Mtley Cre Tribute Band

The world's leading tribute to the kings of the Los Angeles Sunset Strip. Mtley Crde were voted in 2020 the number 1 tribute to Mtley Cre by their official fan page and have been shouting at the devil since 2015! Mtley Crde is Europe's longest running tribute to the most notorious band in the world - Mtley Cre. Voted by the worlds largest Cre fan page as the #1 tribute show, the band have been performing shows and touring throughout the UK since 2015, gaining and a large and loyal fan base by appearing in the UK's most prestigious venues and festivals on a regular basis. Described as the closest thing to the real band, Mtley Crde always blow the roof off wherever they go with their Lewd & Crued touring show.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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