Mother Christmas


Stepping Out Theatre

Written by Mark Breckon

Christmas Eve, and Santa’s 149th wife, Claudia Claus, despairs of him. He’s hooked on video games and hasn’t delivered a present in person for thirteen years, meaning kids now stop believing in him aged three and a half. When Claudia and her semi-competent elves take over Santa’s long night of deliveries, an encounter with an entitled 9-year-old leads them to start robbing from the rich to give to the poor - trouble ensues until divine intervention leads to an unexpected conclusion

Founded inside a Bristol psychiatric hospital on All Fools' Day 1997 and still going strong, Stepping Out Theatre occupy a unique place in the UK's history of theatre and mental health. It has produced a huge range of work on mental health themes and is open to people who have used mental health services and their allies.


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13/12 2024 7:30pm
Theatre Shop Clevedon Triangle Centre CLEVEDON
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