Most Definitely Not Disneys Aladdin!


'Give It A Rub!'

The Evil Abanazer wants to get his hands on a magical, mystical lamp hidden high in the mountains. The only problem being the cave that hides the lamp will not open to an evil old man. So Abanazer tricks a young man called Aladdin into retrieving the lamp for him so he can become the most powerful man in all of China.

Aladdin, his brother Widdles, and their mother Dame Wishee Wanky do their best to stop the evil plot and along the way Aladdin vows to win the hand of Princess Jasmine.

But will officers of the law, Dil and Doe throw a spanner in the work for Aladdin?

Only one way to find out! This show is packed full of laughs, magic, music and very crude jokes.


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03/05 2025 7:30pm
The Doncaster Little Theatre King Street DONCASTER
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