Mica Millar

Singer-songwriter, best known for being front-woman of Manchester four-piece, Red Sky Noise.


Mica Millar has honed a distinctive talent for capturing hearts and minds with her powerful voice and vulnerably honest songwriting.

Her forthcoming debut album entitled 'Heaven Knows' (Out 10th June 2022) is self-written, arranged and produced drawing inspiration from a plethora of vintage soundscapes; most notably soul, blues, gospel and jazz with respectful nods paid to girl groups of the 60's and 70's, giving her songs a timelessness quality that is both reassuringly familiar yet distinctively Mica Millar.

Those fortunate enough to have witnessed Mica on stage will have a clear idea of who she is: a bold, authentic talent with an ageless tone to her voice. 'Heaven Knows' finds Mica exploring themes of human nature, spirituality, love, inequality and empowerment.


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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25/09 2022 7:00pm
Albert Hall 27 Peter Street MANCHESTER
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