Mclusky Live At Voodoo, Belfast


Five years on from putting on their first-ever Belfast show, The Thin Air is once again very pleased to host Welsh noise rock legends mclusky, live at Voodoo on Friday, 24th May 2024

What's that Best British "guitar band" of the last 30 or so years Like since Wire's heyday Probably

Fully unmissable support on the night comes from Dublin noise-rock legends Hands Up Who Wants To Die, who play their first Belfast show in far, far too long.

Wonderful bumf from mclusky for your perusal below

mclusky were a band between 1999 and 2005 and now they are a band again currently they are gearing up to tour australia and the US after sold out shows throughout the UK and writing a new record, the title of which is none of your business mclusky firmly believe that all djs should be french


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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24/05 2024 8:00pm
Voodoo 9--11 Fountain Street BELFAST
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