Martin KEMP: the Ultimate BACK to the 80'S Xmas Special

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The Ultimate 80's DJ Set The Spandau Ballet sensation will be returning to this venue near you! Recently unveiled as starring in the Bath-based drama McDonald & Dodds & host of ITV’s ‘Martin & Roman’s Sunday Best’ we're so pleased Martin Kemp is returning to Unit Nine! The night will take you on another unforgettable journey back to pop music’s greatest ever decade. Setting a course for the untouchable Eighties, where discos were dominated by pop’s finest pedigree, from Duran Duran to Chaka Khan, George Michael to Michael Jackson, Spandau Ballet and beyond; Martin Kemp’s Back To The 80s will take you on a whistlestop tour through all of the era’s most electrifying pop moments… and back again. ‘Back To The 80s’ is fast gaining a reputation as the nation’s favourite eighties-themed night. We sold it out last year and with it's Renowned for its roaring mass-singalongs and ecstatic atmosphere, press and public alike have been praising this show, with the Express & Star hailing: “It could have been a school disco back in the 80s - with the added bonus of a bar and the man spinning the hits being a member of one of the biggest pop bands of that decade… fantastic.”


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