Marquetry Exhibition

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Elderly, Youth, Adult


Sutton Coldfield Marquetry Group is hosting the 71st International Marquetry Exhibition at Middleton Hall. Why not come along and see what this fascinating craft has to offer. The exhibition will include around 200 examples of the very best of contemporary marquetry within the British lsles, the exhibition is also open to international exhibitors.

Marquetry is the art or craft of making pictures and enriching other articles of wood with decorative designs and patterns by the skilful use of the grain, figure and colour of wood veneers. An item of marquetry is built up by inlaying the separate parts of the picture or design into a background veneer.

The completed item of work is then glued to a prepared base board or background, and the finished surface sanded and finally polished. Although the materials most used for this work are thin veneers of wood, other materials may be used. When you visit the exhibition, you will be able to see demonstrations of marquetry techniques and have the chance to “have a go” yourself.