Mario Bakuna & Andria Antoniou presents: Female Voices of Brazil


Featuring: Andria Antoniou on Vocals; Mario Bakuna on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals; Felippe Oliveira on Bass; Uccio Gaeta on Drums The Brazilian music scene flourished between the 1930s and 1980s; many musical styles and rhythms were born, different vocal styles emerged, and jazz and popular music influences infused the existing styles. From the 1930s 'Radio Era' to the birth of Bossa Nova and Brazilian Jazz, singers such as Elis Regina, Elizete Cardoso, Dalva de Oliveira, Alaide Costa, Joyce, and Clara Nunes became known in Brazil and around the world for the beauty and sensitivity of their performances. The concert 'Female Voices of Brazil’ features the signature songs of some of the most influential female Brazilian singers of all time. Mario Bakuna, Andria Antoniou and band pay tribute to their talent and charisma and invite the audience on a musical journey to Brazil!


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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07/04 2023 kl 21:15
Brasserie Zédel 20 Sherwood Street LONDON
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