Marigolds Blues Club presents Barefoot Doctors


Barefoot Doctors are fronted by Blues, Slide, Ragtime Guitarist Chris Newman & Bluesy songstress Stella Hensley. They have toured extensively for many years and between them have recorded eight albums and guested on many others.

The Barefoot Doctors know and understand how to bring a smile back to a forlorn face, a bounce back to tired feet and manifest a feeling of tranquility to man, woman and dog.

Centuries ago doctors, shamens or healers in the far east would walk barefoot from village to village dispensing healing to those in need.

Today, you can witness the same soulful healing courtesy of the Barefoot Doctors.

Seven willing shamens steeped in the art of performing rhythm and blues that will reach all the way down to touch your very soul and lift you to a new awareness of what great music can do for the spirit.



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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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13/12 2024 7:00pm
Burnt Mill Snooker And Social Club Edinburgh Way HARLOW
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